Advantages of SettleMesh

Real-time, non-stop, long-term monitoring of structures for proactive risk mitigation.


When measuring Settlement on a Pre-Load application you are typically faced with challenges such as above ground obstacles, infrequent survey data, manual computations and a lack of real-time alerts/reporting.

For those managing large projects in the construction and mining industries, most understand the positive risks, costs and safety implications of preventing structural failures before they happen. For a small time and cost investment, comparative to the cost of a failure and ramifications thereafter, mining and construction project managers can rest assured knowing that SettleMesh will identify and report a potential subsidence and settlement risk before the worst occurs.

SettleMesh can be installed on any site, where settlement and subsidence risk could be an issue. The team at 5Dtect is keen to come and consult to your project to show you how 5Dtect can help you proactively manage and mitigate these risks.

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  • SettleMesh™ can monitor settlement over many years
  • Data is available without the need for site visits
  • Monitoring does not interfere with traffic
  • No obstacles, increasing plant efficiency during construction
  • Reporting is intuitive and can alert on potential issues

Accuracy of SettleMesh:

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