Research & Development of SettleMesh

30+ Years of research and experience has led to the innovative design & development of the SettleMesh System.


5Dtect manufactures the components of the SettleMesh System in partnership with Masters & Young, a Brisbane-based electronics design and manufacturing company with a long history of developing mining and aerospace devices.

SettleMesh was created from an idea of a group of mining and construction Executives with personal experiences of the cost of structural failures in construction and mining projects. They established 5Dtect and developed the concept and assembled a proof of concept device to test it in a range of field applications. Once tested, the company patented the device and have continued innovating the hardware and software for precise data and application.

Civil and mining contractors were then canvassed to determine the usefulness and application of the device, and many months of research was conducted to ensure that SettleMesh had a market, and could be produced and installed in a cost effective way for contracting and mining companies.

The device is now being used across major projects in Queensland and New South Wales in a testing and trial capacity and will be commercially available for use in early 2020. 

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  • HeightMaster is TradeMarked
  • The HeightMaster Device is protected by the following patents: Provisional patents 2016903049, 2016903150 and 2016903244 Australian Patent Application No. 2018101029

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